Blogging Along

I am finally through the week of meetings that precedes the start of school. I realize that I will be busier than ever this year, but I know that if I can sustain the energy I had at the end of last school year it will be an amazing journey.

Last spring, I discovered the world of incredibly generous and talented educators who tweet. I still struggle with how to label the virtual people in my life when I talk to my family, colleagues and students. What I can easily do is explain how much I have gained from the insights of my PLN and resources shared.

I also began to gather my thoughts, record them and publish them in this blog. Since then I have encouraged colleagues to blog, and we are ready to integrate student blogs into our curriculum. One colleague asked about the “rules” of blogging. I did not have an answer, and I truly do not think there are rules. At the same time, the quality of blogs varies widely.

As I move forward to introduce this idea of blogging to my students, I make a plea. Please comment and let my students know what you think the most important qualities of a blog are. What makes you want to read, rather than pass over a blog entry?


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