Doing as I say – Project Sanity

A trip to EdCamp Harrisburg, Quaker Community Day and a cold converged this weekend to get me thinking about the idea of modeling behavior for students. I heard passionate people on QCD living and breathing service. We had some fantastic role models for students in attendance. At EdCamp, there were several occasions where we came back to the idea of being role models for students, whether in the area of academic risk-taking or continuing to work on our lessons to improve our teaching. This morning I woke up with confirmation of something I suspected when I went to bed – I have a cold. Deciding to hang close to home and putter through the day, led me to this post.

For the next month (and hopefully longer) I am going to commit to living the lessons I teach, and modeling what I believe to be healthy productive behavior. Here is what I think that means.

1. Depend more on sleep than caffeine to get me through the day. That means getting about 7 hours of sleep a night. (I realize that occasionally that may not be possible, but there needs to be a really, really good reason.)

2. Use my time well. Work during most of my free time, but balance that with the occasional social conversation. Avoid getting sucked into surfing the web when I am should be doing something else. Save the surfing for when my work is done.

3. Prioritize tasks each day to be sure that everything that must get done, does get done, while recognizing that some things I would like to do will not get done.

4. Do the tasks I do not enjoy with diligence.

5. Let my passion shine for things I do enjoy.

6. Take some risks in my classes, without fearing failure.

7. Eat well, and generally take care of myself, which means resting more when I am not feeling well.

These are the thoughts I have at the outset. If you have any suggestions to add to the list, add a comment to the post. I may do the same, if other things occur to me. What I have named Project Sanity will be a work in progress. Expect updates and then a debrief.


3 thoughts on “Doing as I say – Project Sanity

  1. I would add making time each day for physical exercise of some sort. When I was teaching, taking time to run or bike re-energized me, and often led to terrific ideas for classroom activities which I then had the energy to plan and implement.

  2. I agree, Bill. I tend to avoid exercise like the plague, but you are right. If I want to follow my own advice, I need to be more active – even if it is taking over walking the dog each day. I avoid it by telling myself I do not have the time, pretty much an excuse. Consider it added to my list.

  3. I was raised to avoid exercise too, and it has been a lifelong struggle for me to do so. However, I’ve found the benefits to be so worthwhile that it makes it easier to get into a rhythm and keep up a schedule – at least until I get sick or hurt, or something breaks the schedule for awhile. I guess the patterns set in our childhoods really do effect us throughout the remainder of our lives.

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