I love my life but it’s exhausting – why my students need to blog.

It’s lunchtime of another hectic day in my life. I have papers to grade, classes to plan, syllabi to update, etc. I have a meeting after school, then it’s home to have dinner with the family, check on homework and get the kids to bed. After that I will be doing triage of what needs to be done for me to be ready for tomorrow. After that, a little time to unwind, hopefully, before getting to bed myself. In between, I will check my Facebook page and my Twitter feed when I get the chance. I will also attend to email during those in between moments. I love my job. It truly energizes me to be teaching and learning with my students and colleagues. I love being connected to people electronically. I love my family. I cannot imagine not having my husband and children in my life.

So, given that I will not give anything up, how do I stay sane? Other than try to get enough sleep and eat reasonably well, the answer has come to be blogging. Taking the time to quietly focus my thoughts and reflect on the things that are on my mind is incredibly helpful. When people ask me how I have the time, the answer is that I make the time because I have really come to rely on it as a way to reflect and recharge.

Many of my students are not that different. They are busy. They either choose to be as busy as they are or do not really have the choice. Either way, they lack the space and time to process their thoughts. I used to think that blogging would be a luxury, an add-on for my classes. Increasingly, I think it is necessary. Now my challenge is to provide the time for my students to put into practice what I am preaching and practicing myself.

Now, after giving myself the permission to pause here, it is time to head back to “To Do” list.


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