Education Manifesto (as of Jan. 25, 2015)

In a session about honoring and lifting student voices, there was a portion where we were asked to create our education manifesto. I didn’t do exactly as directed and create a short presentation. Instead I focused my time on the writing. At first, I was reluctant to do it all and briefly considered bolting to go to another session. But I stayed. Here is what I came up with.

Education manifesto – This I believe (for now – everything including this is subject to revision upon further reflection or revelation.) 

Relationships are at the core of teaching and learning. 

Creating a space/environment where everyone feels safe taking risks is essential.

Everyone in the room/space/class should be teaching and learning.

Life is full of stories. We should learn as many as we can and never fall into the trap of relying on a single story.

People should be able to personalize learning to explore their passions but not to such an extent that they sacrifice the learning community.

One essential goal of education should be to create communities of learners. Those communities must be inclusive and may be fluid.

Learning should be shared with others within and outside the classroom. 

There is a wide variety of ways for people to share their learning. 

There needs to be room for redos, retakes, revisions, refining. We are all works in progress. Life is a rough draft that we edit as we go along.


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