Busy Day vs. Full Day

Busy days stress me out. Full days don’t. Twelve hours into my day, I have had one short break after school between the first shift (teaching) and the second shift (parenting). Every block of the day including lunch was scheduled for me today. But now at the end of the day, I feel good not exhausted, content not stressed. I’m not done yet, but I’m okay with that today.

As I was walking my dog, I thought about the fact that I was “busy” all day but I had none of the physical and emotional effects I usually suffer from busy days. I thought about my day and realized that while I was scheduled all day, I was not especially rushed as I moved from place to place. Every activity felt like it had purpose and meaning. Not everything was smooth sailing. In fact, some of my class plans were derailed. Some activities ran over time. I just moved through the day embracing what came next.

I am starting to think that pace and purpose are key to the distinction I feel between a full day and a busy day. To some degree, I can control these things. I can rush or I can accept that occasionally something may hold me up and make me a few minutes late. I cannot change the time, but I can control my reaction. Doing my best to hold the purpose up in the front of my mind can help me embrace the different activities I have scheduled.

When I feel too busy, I think I should take that as a sign to check my pace and purpose. As much as I can maximize the purpose and ease the pace, I should. My goal is to lead a less busy life, but not a less full one.


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