Horoscopes, Self-Fulfilling Prophecies, and EdCamp

I woke up today feeling like I wanted nothing more than to stay in my pajamas, read the paper, and have some time to myself. Then, as I was reading the paper, I read my horoscope. It said, “Make the best of an exciting situation. You can’t just bow out of some activity just because it disturbs the serenity of comfortable daily routines. Embrace the new and unusual and welcome a change of pace.”

So – I got dressed and headed out to EdCamp IS. I had planned to go back in January but then it dropped off my radar. This week, I got an email about it, saying it would be small and very laid back. Honestly, I was on the fence about it, not sure what it would be like if there were only a small number of participants. Still, I knew that some friends from other schools would be there, so that was a draw. My horoscope pushed me over the fence. I read it as telling me that I would be missing out if I didn’t go.

It was the smallest and best EdCamp experience I have had. There ended up being about ten of us. We sat around a large table, drank coffee, and talked. We talked about our takeaways from NAIS yesterday. We talked about the issues and challenges we face. We talked about how we could improve our practices. We talked about what education should be. It was engaging and inspiring! I didn’t want to leave the table to go to the bathroom because I was so afraid I would miss something. I left with ideas to take back to school on Monday. It was professional development in community. It was a structure and conversation created by the people who showed up. It was what we needed to talk about and learn from one another. It was EdCamp.